Tips for Better SEO Pt 1

This is the first in a series of articles targeted at those of you who genuinely want and need to ensure your websites are useful marketing tools and relevant to your target audience. The end result of achieving this is that you will be utilising best practice SEO and will garner high rankings within Google and other search engines.

These tips will make it easier to let search engines such as Google crawl, index and ultimately understand your content, which is the key to putting your site in front of the highest number of interested users. Where sites are ranked in Google (or other search engines) when a user searches is known as “organic search results”.

Improvement in organic search results is generally a combination of many factors. More often than not, it is the response to many small incremental changes. Each change individually seems inconsequential, but taken with all the other optimisations, they will gradually improve your rankings.

The first lesson you need to understand is that Google is not your target market; your visitor is your target market. Write for the visitor and not for the search engine (see this article “Write Content for your visitor, not search engines“). Your visitors are only using search engines such as Google because they want to find you, what you do, or what you sell. By being totally focussed on rankings, you may completely alienate your customer group.

An example may be to ‘stuff’ your copy with words that you believe will be highly ranked. You may end up with a sentence such as:

‘If you want new cars come to Peter Smith Cars Wentworth, we have new cars with car stereos; we have new cars with new tyres and new cars with new widgets. We also sell used cars with finance available. Our used cars have had free second hand car checks and come with a used car warranty and have all been sprayed inside with patented ‘new car smell’. We trade in used cars for new cars…’

You can see that this paragraph is repetitive, not very user friendly and really tells the user almost nothing. It is simply a list of every car sales keyword the copywriter tried to fit in. If the entire page consisted of similar material, not only would this be unattractive to users, but may also be very poorly ranked in Google for repetitive content and keyword stuffing.

Look out for our next article on Tips for Better SEO which will focus on the beginnings of web site structure.

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