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Not everyone is an author but the list of authors is growing in a self-publishing world. A lot of authors are searching for some great marketing strategies that they can use that will not cost them a fortune.  Authors typically look to their publishers for help in this instance, but unfortunately, their marketing skills and efforts may be limited.  When you find yourself in this situation, what do you do?  You will have to take matters into your own hands and get what you want.


The first step you should take is to start blogging.  Your blog will act as the heart of your business.  By using blogs, you will get more exposure for your book by means of search engines.  Your blogs can be used for many instances that will benefit your book. You can put an excerpt of your book, the behind-the-scene story and things like that.

Connect with fans

Even though people use social networks to connect with old friends, relatives and making new friends, social networks can be an awesome advantage for your book.  You can use several sites to offer downloadable teasers, or one or two chapter intros to create the buzz. You should use the networking sites to reach out to your fan base and let them know about upcoming events and other information.

Authors, put life in your characters

Facebook and Twitter should occupy a large share of your attention, as those are the two most popular sites in the social media world.  With these sites, you will be able to expand your fan base and let the world know about upcoming events on your calendar.  Here, you can connect with old fans and make new ones.  Many authors use these sites to make their characters popular.  In this regard, you can create a page in your character’s name and update their status about your book and other information that you feel is important.

Build up a community

Creating community advocates may be exactly what you need.  You should add people to your community who will help you promote your book and events.  You should create a close tie with these selected people who are going to spread the word about your work and about you as an author.  Build social media friendships which will make people want to get to know you and become familiar with your work.

Prepare a video book trailer

Creating a video book trailer will also be great for promotional purposes.  The purpose of a trailer will be to convince people to read your book.  This trailer can suffice as a teaser to potential readers to make them want to read your book and become interested.  Creating a video will give you a wider range of an audience that can be reached easily.  This is really a quick way to get the world familiar with your writings.

Daniel Ruyter is an author and co-founder of Alpha Tree Marketing – a full service online presence consulting firm that can help you get your book noticed!