Paid Search Signals To Understand

Alex Cohen raises some vital questions and offers answers in this article which essentially looks at the optimisation of the Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement paradigm in the WWW. (

Where the search engine optimisation specialists have been vitally concerned with a whole regime of methods to keep their organic listings at the top of search pages, there have been few open discussions about doing the same with paid listings.

Cohen distils the whole foundation of doing search engine marketing into 6 questions we would like to be able to ask of our potential users including:

What are they searching for?
How much is that search worth?
Who is doing the searching?
How, When and Where are they searching?
Merely articulating these questions would be a revelation to many new website owners. Google is a commercial publisher, they want more people to ‘read’ them, and to keep users returning to the Google search engine. To achieve this, it is critical that they present well targeted PPC ad campaigns on the best Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). They do this through an algorithm just as complicated as the one used for organic search listings.

More data and more recent data improves the quality score of your advert, along with the price you bid for the ad, will determine your positioning. Google wants to have the best most click-able ads in front of your potential audience as it is only once an ad is clicked that Google hears the ka-ching for themselves.

Cohen goes onto complete the list of 43 important questions or messages to consider when designing your advert for any PPC campaign. One of the key messages to come from this article is ensuring we have a concrete understanding of what drives our profit, our business need and thus should be the converting driver for our advertising – be it finding clients, brand awareness, sales or any other criteria.

This article is filled with good basic solutions for your AdWords campaign set up, so take the time to read up on this interesting subject and contact us with any further enquiries you may have about controlling who sees you in Google searches first.

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