Keyword Research is the Basis of Any Successful Online Business

What is Keyword Research?

To be a successful online business you must know what your potential customers are thinking. Finding this out is known as Keyword Research. When people use search engines for information, they type into the search bar a simple description of what they are looking for e.g. “wedding photographer” or “delivery services”. These are what, in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) terms, are called ‘keywords’ and are vital to any successful Internet business. Keyword market research allows you to discover what terms people are using in order to find the things that they are looking for, whether it be a product, service or question. Having discovered the prime keywords, you can focus your web content to capitalise on these searches. A great way of doing this is by finding keywords that a lot of people are searching, but getting few results for. Your success then depends on how well you are able to provide a solution.

Many internet marketers have a great product or service that many people will find useful, but without first correctly identifying and then using keywords, potential customers will not discover them. This is why most online businesses fail within their first year. Using keyword research and discovering the untapped markets, a savvy online marketer can tailor their product so that it provides the right ideas to the right people. Reaching that target market is the secret of success.


You’ll be able to find a number of keyword research tools online, some of which you will have to buy and some, which are free. Many online marketers have found that Google’s own tool is by far the most accurate. It is also free, which is a great bonus. Use this simple, brief guide for finding a profitable niche market.

  • Use one word to describe an interest that you may wish to market, for example ‘golf’.
  • Combine the interest word with the word ‘how’ to generate problem statements in the keyword research tool. For example, ‘how to putt on a wet green’.  Obviously, people asking ‘how’ have some kind of problem relating to the understanding of the game and want answers. Make a note of the questions asked. You can then use this information to give them the answers that they want.
  • Choose the problems from the list that your business can best address.
  • Repeat the steps again using different words other than ‘how’ in order to find more searches that people are looking for answers to. You can try ‘why’, ‘where’ or ‘if’ for example.

By this point you should have a number of specific problems that you can offer solutions to. Solving these problems will be a step towards building a relationship with potential clients. You can use this to grow your business and reputation.

Utilising Keyword Research

Once you have identified a suitable set of keywords, create a page for each keyword. Use only one per page as this makes it clear to your site visitors exactly what you can do for them in each scenario. Similarly, one keyword per page makes it simple for search engines to categorise each page and correctly allocate and present the most appropriate pages for searches completed.

Good keyword research leads to great content and great content leads to exceptional websites- make sure yours is one of them.

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