How To Find Brand Advocates on Social Media and Keep Them Engaged

How to find brand advocates? It’s an important question to ask. Small business owners who have a new online business need to engage in marketing and promotion of their brand to attract customers. One way to do this is to use social media to recruit brand advocates.

Brand advocates are the fans and followers of a product or service. These fans and followers for a brand will make efforts to both promote and defend it when needed. They are effectively volunteer marketers that write and share information about a business on social media.

Marketing Benefits
The increasing reach of social media has made it an important tool for small business. This means they need to include it as part of their online marketing strategy.

Social media has millions of users who can be targeted as potential customers for a small business. The benefit of brand advocates for a small business is increased awareness of the brand that can lead to increased sales.

Advocate Identification
Small business owners who want to begin a brand advocate strategy will need to identify where to find potential recruits.

One of the biggest sites for potential brand advocates is Facebook. The second social media site with a large number of users is Twitter.

One of the biggest factors for a business using social media is to see how their content is shared using various online tools, such as Argyle Social (

Advocate Engagement
The best way to recruit brand advocates is to use various tactics to effectively engage your audience.

A business on a social media site needs to comment or post regularly, reply to posts, share content from a fan or follower, and send emails.

Business owners need to be personally engaged with their fans and followers to effectively recruit them as brand advocates.

Advocate Motivation
The motivation of a brand advocate varies based on numerous factors. However, brand advocates often share more information than a typical fan or follower for a brand.

This is based on a need to provide an answer or solution to a problem, to be entertained, and to gain knowledge.

Small business owners need to determine the motivation of fans and followers to recruit them as brand advocates.

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