How To Create A Natural Link Profile

Links are an important part of an SEO plan. In fact, with a solid link portfolio your website can rank on the first few pages of Google. Unfortunately, many website owners (in a rush to get to the top) buy, or otherwise obtain, poor links. When doing so, their website will not reach the top and will often be punished by the search engines. Without a doubt, you must run a quality link building campaign if you want to get to the top. Here are five tips on how to create a natural link profile:

1. Vary The Anchor Text
In the past it was always common practice to link to a page using one, specific keyword which would indicate what the page was about to the search engine spiders. It didn’t take long for people to start abusing this practice and eventually Google decided to put its foot down, penalising sites that were found guilty of ‘anchor text spamming’.

When using anchor text it is important that you ‘mix it up’ and ‘keep it real’ by using a variety of keywords or natural variations of your selected keywords. You can also use branded anchor text every now and then to create a more natural link portfolio.

2. Link To All Pages
Many webmasters make the serious mistake of only linking to the front page. In order to build a natural link portfolio you must create links to other pages on your site.

While you should still have links to the home page, it is important that you also create links to other useful pages within your site including product pages, blog pages and FAQ pages.

By doing so, you will provide a better and more enriching experience for site visitors, keeping them engaged and on your site for longer.

3. Embrace ‘Follow’ And ‘No Follow’ Links
Many people underestimate or completely write off ‘no follow’ links. While you may not get the ‘link juice’ you get with ‘follow’ links, the search engines still recognise the link.

Having a link profile built solely on ‘do follow’ links can raise some red flags with the search engines. A natural campaign should contain a varying amount of each, which indicates to the search engines that you are not trying to rort the system, but rather trying to create links for your users to produce traffic to your site.

4. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Ideally, you want to get links from sites that are in the same niche or field as yours, because they will produce the most targeted traffic.

With that said, it can also be worthwhile looking outside the confinements of your niche and getting links from other sites that are not exactly the same, but similar in some way.

5. Take It Slow
Nothing throws up red flags faster than obtaining hundreds of links overnight. When running a website, you must make sure to run a slow and methodical campaign. When built up over time, your site will enjoy long lasting SEO results.

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