Creating Infographics: 5 Awesome Tools

Creating infographics is a great method of expanding your link exposure – they are growing in popularity every day, and more and more businesses are incorporating them into the marketing campaigns. Why wouldn’t they? They provide a plethora of information, in an easy to digest and highly appealing graphic format.

Ready to jump onboard the infographics bandwagon and boost to your marketing campaign? Here are five awesome tools you can use to create infographics:

This simple online service allows you to create, discover and share different types of infographics, including online charts. You just select a pre-designed infographic template and then add the content you want to be featured, which can include text, images, video or maps. Once all the content is added you can customise the design aspects of your infographic until you’re happy with the end result and then share it via social sites and/or embed it into your blog post.

Whether you are writing a news article or sharing your opinion with others on social networks, lets you add interactivity quickly and easily. It will help you capture the attention of your targeted audience, which is a valuable step in gaining customers.

If you would like to tell your story with data, then is an ideal infographics tool for you. This tool brings together top storytellers, data analysts and designers to help you create an engaging story using interactivity, motion graphics or easily shareable infographics.

The team is especially skilled in social media and will help you build your brand in places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others.

The things you will get include data analysis and integration, world class design, streamlined project management and social media distribution.


Considering that numbers do not lie, Venngage helps you use them to your advantage through powerful analytics tools.

You will get useful insights within minutes- all you have to do is choose a template, upload your data, customise the design features to your liking and share your information.

Voila! Data is presented in a visually stimulating way that provides clear insights and can assist with the decision making process. Though not for everyone, this tool is ideal for anyone who makes decisions based on data and can be used as another means to present data to your audience.


Currently, Piktochart has over 100 themes to choose from, which can be customised* to your liking. It has a powerful drag and drop editor that allows you to quickly and easily create stunning infographics with the click of your mouse, making it one of the best options for businesses that want to create professional looking infographics without investing in the services of a professional agency.

Piktochart have recently completed updates that simplifies the design and implementation of interactive charts and tabs. Another important update has completed, which makes output/export options search engine friendly and allow you to share your infographic more conveniently via social media sites.

*Themes and Customisation options vary according to the type of account you have. simplifies the creation and sharing of visual ideas online. With the use of ‘vhemes’, otherwise known as ‘visual themes’, creating your visual idea is as easy as dragging and dropping your desired ‘vhemes’ onto a canvas.

Once you have selected your ‘vheme’ and dragged it onto your working canvas you can then add, edit and customise any object on your canvas until you are satisfied. Save your infographic and share with the world!


The first step in creating an infographic is to brainstorm. What do you want to communicate through this infographic? What are you trying to say? Once you have a basic idea of what you want to communicate, it is time to gather data. You can find free data from all kinds of sources on the Internet. Some data you might like include maps, facts, quotes, charts, diagrams, logos, and photographs. A good graphic designer should be able to take a general idea and turn it into something awesome.

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