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Do you now have a page for your business on Facebook? Are you at the stage where you would like to both increase the visitors and ‘likers’ of your page? The answer may be to create advertisements in Facebook.

Rather than waste your hard earned money on hit and miss hard copy media advertisements such as local newspapers or billboards, you may find your product or service has less mass market and more niche market appeal. If nothing else, you will probably get more ‘bang for your buck’.

Facebook are handing marketers a serious target audience on a platter by having the ability to target ads to quite specific groups. So how exactly do you use these wonderful targeting functions Facebook are offering? Below are sound steps to executing a communication plan to market your product or service.

1. What is it you want to offer, go through the marketing basics-

a. What is it?

b. Who will it appeal to?

c. What are its benefits (rather than just listing the features)?

d. What problem for your audience will it solve?

Once you have worked out all of the questions above, you can start.

2. Go to your business Facebook Admin panel page and click on ‘Build Audience’. This will give you a drop down box of Create an Ad. You may need to click on a ‘continue as <yourself>’ button after this to get to create an advert page.

Create An Ad

3. Continue by choosing the basics of you advertisement

a.who is advertising (your business, not you); you want to create a new advert message or utilise a previous post


Design your ad


4. Plan the first segmentation of your market- Location and Age Demographics

Facebook target marketing

So, for Search Engine Academy, the course we are advertising is in Melbourne, so we can maximise views and remove location ineligible views; then our SEO training courses are not targeted to high school students, so we can limit the age to over 18.

5. This is where it all starts to get interesting where the rubber meets the road! Facebook are utilising everything they know about individuals and allocating them into broad target categories. This is information worth gold to any marketer. For example, under the ‘Broad Categories’ heading you have ‘Activities’. These include cooking, dancing, craft, gaming, dining etc. For example, a Melbourne restaurant that hosts swing dance nights would be able to choose activities with dance and food in Melbourne for over 18s. The big plus with this, is that you also see an Estimated Reach for your advertisement that FB calculates:


Market segmentation categories


6. They could go one step further and plan ‘blind date nights’ and invite a special crowd using the FB Advanced demographics of singles and college educated to try and match the crowd.


Advanced Demographics


Now we have a very targeted 23120 individuals who live around Melbourne, are over 18, enjoy dancing and eating out, are single and have graduated from something. How much more effective would your advertising campaign be with this sort of information? If an average letter box drop secures a mere 1% of respondents, what sort of response do you thing you could get with this FREE information?

7. To finalise your advertising, you now just need to do the administration, campaigns, pricing and scheduling.

From now on, niche marketing and heavily targeted advertising is no longer the realm of the large Corporates with deep pockets for research.Facebook have made market segmentation and the corresponding target marketing a real option for businesses of all genres and sizes.