5 Tips On How To Create An Epic Sales Funnel

For decades, the sales funnel has been a visual representation of a customer’s journey – starting from brand awareness to final closure. Every business will benefit from the sales funnel strategy, especially if you have an online presence. Below we’re going to share with you 5 tips on how to create an epic sales funnel.

1. Create an Eye-Catching and Engaging Landing Page

The very first impression that potential customers will notice about your brand or business is the landing page of your website. Your landing page is SUPER important and for this reason, time and effort must be spent in creating it. A great landing page will spur visitors to sign-up or subscribe to your website. Your business will now have essential contact information for potential customers, which is your first line of communication.

2. Utilise Multiple Marketing Channels

As mum always said, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s important to use multiple marketing channels because a range of channels will give you maximum opportunity to interact with more potential customers.

Some of the most successful businesses use multiple marketing channels. These include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), cold calling, direct mail campaigns, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The channels that you use will depend on the industry that you are in.

3. Create Valuable Content Through Various Content Marketing Strategies

Here is the most critical part of every sales funnel: content. Your website and social media platforms should offer useful, relevant and interesting content that customers and potential customers resonate with right away.

With free valuable content comes interest and a deeper appreciation for what you can provide, therefore widening the circle of your prospects. The goal is to create eye-catching and interesting content that readers will start sharing with their social media contacts. Links and videos will increase your website traffic over time.

Social media advertising will help you expand your reach to prospects that will find your content valuable. When these prospects interact with your content online, they will move further down the sales funnel.

4. Find the Leaks in Each Stage of the Sales Funnel and Fix Them Right Away

Major leaks can affect the sales funnel in all stages. This results in leads getting lost in the sales pipeline.

The three main causes that make a funnel leak are:

  • Giving up on negative responses far too quickly;
  • No consistent follow-up; and
  • The follow-through is not as quick as it should be

The solution to the first cause of a funnel leak is sending the prospect educational materials for a pre-determined duration of time just to nurture them towards a sale. Although this entails extra work and effort on your part, it will ultimately work to your favour in the end.

The solution to the second leak and the third leak is automation. With automation, you can set up an informational campaign that would either contact a customer/prospective customer on a regular basis or respond immediately to an interested prospect. It is always within the company’s interest to capture a lead right away.

5. Nurture Your Prospects

Although not all prospects will be “lifetime customers”, they deserve to know the value that you can offer them. You need to understand their needs as they move through your sales funnel.

Another part of nurturing your prospect is to move them from attraction to genuine interest. You need to be able to lead them to other content in the website, especially content that discusses how your products or services are going to alleviate some kind of pain point in their life. Customers who look at your products are looking to make a purchase and are evaluating what you have to offer that will help them solve their problem and/or enhance their life.

An effective sales funnel will facilitate your business in acquiring happy, repeat customers that will recommend your brand to others, thus continuing the sales cycle and breathing new life into your business.

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