5 SEO Myths Exposed

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential (and hotly debated) topic for business owners who depend on income generated from their website. If you are new to the SEO game, chances are you are you have read or heard things about SEO that have left you feeling nervous or overwhelmed. Well, rest easy because some of it may not be true! Keep reading to see 5 SEO myths exposed.

1. SEO Is Dead

This is one of the most common SEO myths that people will tell you, and it has been circulating the internet for quite some time. In reality, SEO is alive and kicking!

As search engines change their algorithms and rules, of course SEO has to change in order to adapt but as long as people use search engines, SEO will thrive.

Many marketers or blog owners claim that SEO is dead because it is an eye-catching headline that generates buzz. End of story.

2. Only Ranking #1 Matters

While the coveted spot of #1 search result is certainly something to aspire to, it isn’t necessary to be the absolute first result in order to get more traffic to your site.

Generally speaking, being on the first page is a solid win and even being in the first few pages of the search engine results can give your website a good chance to get more viewers.

If your site doesn’t hold the #1 ranking, sleep easy knowing that it’s NOT the end of the world. Work towards a more realistic (and attainable) goal of ranking on the first few pages and go from there.

3. My Keywords Need to be an Exact Match

When writing content for your site and optimising your pages it’s important to keep in mind that you are trying to appeal to HUMANS. Don’t try shoving your keyword or keyword phrase where it doesn’t fit. Instead, use words that are similar and make sense.

Vary your language and use variations of your keywords to keep the flow of your copy going. Nothing is more annoying when you have to read content that keeps using the same word over and over and over again.

When optimising your page it is ideal to include your keyword:
– in the page title
– in one of your headlines
– at least once throughout the content
– once in the meta description

4. Backlinks Are Everything

It’s true, backlinks (links from another website to your website) do play a part in SEO. They are a solid way to increase page views and they do effect your ranking position in the search engines.

With that said, however, some people fail to realise that when it come to backlinks, it’s all about quality, not quantity that matters.

Don’t stoop to desperate measures to get a few lousy links that may end up doing your site more harm than good. Yes, backlinks are good to have but you should think of them more like a side dish when it comes to successful SEO.

While good quality backlinks make it easier to get a higher place in the search results, it is nearly impossible to succeed on backlinks alone. They have to be combined with other SEO efforts.

5. SEO Has Nothing to do With Social Media

Social media is growing in popularity everyday and it seems everywhere you look and everyone you know is jumping onboard. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr or another social platform it’s easy to see where people are choosing to spend their time online.

Sure having a website is great, but it’s not enough anymore. You need to have a presence on social networks so you can direct traffic from there to your website. Social media is where you cultivate relationships and form leads. Your website is where you make conversions.

As the popularity of social media rises, the gap between SEO and social media becomes smaller and smaller. To ignore this fact would be a very big mistake.

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