5 Places to Find Legal Images for Your Website or Blog

The Internet is full of millions of images, however, you can’t just use any picture you find on a blog or website, as this could lead to copyright infringement with the original photographer. So the question remains: where do you find legal images for your website or blog?

Fortunately, there are many places to get legal images that are distributed free of charge or with a Creative Commons license, which means that as long as the original photographer is credited the photo can be used for non-commercial purposes. There are many websites where you can find legal images for your website or blog, here are our top 5 picks (excuse the pun):

1. Photo Pin

Photo Pin uses a special search that will display images from the popular image host Flickr that can be used under a Creative Commons license.

Using the site is incredibly easy, with only a search bar displayed on their sleek layout. Photo Pin is mostly geared toward bloggers, but can be used for practically any website to find high quality photos that match your needs.

2. stock.xchng

stock.xchng is the leading website for finding free stock photos. Recently, stock.xchng was purchased by Getty Images, which is an incredibly large resource for photos and fantastic for finding reliable images.

All of the images found at this site are deemed to be safe to use on any website or blog and they even have extra image resources from the iStockPhoto library.

The process of finding a photo is a bit different compared to the process of using Photo Pin, especially due to the added ‘Browse’ feature. When browsing photos, you might find an image you would not have thought to use otherwise.

3. FreePixels

While FreePixels is a bit more difficult to find images on, compared to Photo Pin or stock.xchng, it is still a very reliable resource.

A search bar is included on the right side of the page, but the easiest way to get the images you need is to browse the various category folders on the main page.

As is the same with all of these resources, the images found on FreePixels are free to use on your blog or website.

4. Image*After

Image*After has one of the most unique searching features of any stock image website, allowing users to search different categories and textures.

The texture search is especially helpful for finding a background image for a blog or website without having to create your own.

It must be said that Image*After doesn’t have nearly the same amount of images as other services highlighted here, but it is a very valuable resource for bloggers and webmasters.

5. FreeDigitalPhotos

The name of the website says it all. FreeDigitalPhotos is another helpful search engine for finding free stock images for your blog or website. New photos are added daily and the added benefit of searching for illustrations alongside photos.

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