10 Cover Image Ideas You Should Consider Using

Your business uses social media marketing every day, but you are unsure how to make the most of your social media accounts. It is clear that internet users take first impressions very seriously, and you must work hard to creating one with the best impact possible.

Social media accounts that feature cover pages and cover images are a wonderful way for you to use imagery as your first impression. Each of the cover image options below will make your pages more attractive to new customers and help them get a “feel” for your business.

Idea #1: Your Logo

If your company’s logo is recognisable to the public, you can use the logo as your cover photo, or at least incorporate it into your cover image.

If your business logo is an image that people relate to, you can use the image to stir up the feelings people get when they think about your business. Sense memory is a powerful form of advertising, and your logo can help to ignite that sense memory in customers.

Idea #2: Your Team

When your business is not familiar to the public, a picture of your team makes a wonderful cover photo.

People who visit your business’s page have no idea who is behind your business. Personalising the company and reminding customers that real people manage the business is very powerful.

Idea #3: Plug Your Website Or An Upcoming Event

A cover image that promotes your website or an upcoming event is an effective way to use the prime “virtual real estate”.

The key here is to ensure the image itself is eye catching and the details of your website or upcoming event stand out.

If the cover image allows you to add a description to your image, don’t forget to include a clickable link and or more information about the upcoming event.

Idea #4: Your Products

A picture featuring products that your company sells helps customers to know they are in the right place.

If you use a picture of a new product, customers may become intrigued when they see it in your cover image and you can create a bit of conversation about it and even encourage them to visit your website for more information, or to a special tab/board/page you have set up on your social account.

Also, using a photo of an old, popular product will be sure to hit the right spot with customers who have used that product in the past.

Idea #5. A Screenshot From A Video

If your business uses videos, TV advertising or Vines to create marketing, a screen shot from that advertising can make a great cover photo.

Customers may have found your business due to the video, and a screenshot from the video can let these people know that they have come to the right place.

You can even supply a link to the video in the image description, so people can access it easily should they want to watch it.

Idea #6. A Word Cloud

A word cloud as a cover image is a brilliant idea if you want to make a strong impact and tell people who you are and what your about within a short about of time.

Word clouds are great because you can skip the lengthy paragraphs describing your business, and jump straight into highlighting ideas, beliefs and/or keywords that you personally link with your business.

Idea #7. Your Fans

Show your fans some love! What better way to show fans you appreciate them, then by personally (and publically) letting them know?

You can create cover images that highlights a fan by requesting they send in photo’s, or tag you in photo’s, of themselves using your products or services. Add the fan photo to a pre-designed template and voila! You can make it a weekly feature of your social account.

Showing your fans some love and appreciation for their loyalty will be beneficial to your business in many ways:

  • It shows you care
  • It shows you’re paying attention
  • It can gain a lot of attention and encourage interaction
  • You’re encouraging people to use your goods and services
  • Updating your cover image on a regular basis keeps your account fresh and interesting

Idea #8. Pictures Of Your Business

People love to see how/where their favourite products are produced. A picture of the assembly line from your factory, or an inside glimpse to “where the magic happens” is very interesting to people.

You can get a bit creative with this and take photos from different angles or zooming in or out. You can use filters and text overlays to create an image that packs a lot of punch, but is personal to your business.

Idea #9. You

If you run the business, putting your picture on the cover page of your social media account makes you the face of the business. Companies have succeeded in making their CEO the face of the business, and you humanise your business when you step to the front of the line.

Idea #10. Hashtags

Hashtags are being used on many different social sites now as a way to help people find each other and engage in discussions surrounding a range of topics.

If you have a special hashtag that you use for your business account, let people know about it by highlighting it in your cover image. This will ensure that people know about it and they can use it to connect with you.

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