LinkedIn is the social media platform which is all about genuine networking with connections in your industry, connecting with suppliers, customers, potential employees and capital providers amongst others- don’t be caught out thinking LinkedIn is only for B2B.

The user statistics are impressive

  • Greater than 150 million users, including over 3 million in Australia alone. (
  • There are more than 2 million company pages
  • Over one million groups have been created servicing parties with their niche interests

Incoming links from LinkedIn carry relative strength depending on where they come from. Your checklist to achieve stronger link ‘juice’ for increased visibility of your website’s organic listing includes:

  • Having a LinkedIn company page which references the website you hope to increase organic visibility for
  • Have your LinkedIn company page associated to all of your employees
  • Ensure your employees have their public profiles optimised (see instructions further down)
  • Ask your employees to share important updates on their own profiles
  • Encourage sensible user (read employee) activity- being active in LinkedIn will be good for optimisation as well as engagement with your greater community
  • Don’t automatically have every update from every social media stream carry into LinkedIn. It’s a bit like the boy who cried wolf- if you see ‘exciting’ updates 3 times a day from one user, you will doubt that any of them are worth reading.


Having a specific LinkedIn Company page, which is associated to employees, carries far stronger link value than having a page which people, who happen to be your employees, link their profile to.

How your employees can optimise their Public LinkedIn Profile:

  1. They need to log in to LinkedIn and go to their own Home Page
  2. Then hover over their name in the top right corner of the profile screen and choose ‘settings’

  3. In the settings section,  choose ‘edit your public profile’ and then

 4. Tick the box which says ‘make my public profile visible to everyone’


There is great value apart from links in having a quality LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn talk about the company page this way “It’s a centralized location where millions of LinkedIn members can go to stay in the loop on company news, products and services, business opportunities and job openings.” (

Take a look at the LinkedIn Company Page for Search Engine Academy Australia as an example.

You can think of your LinkedIn Company page a little like giving your company a personality and creating this individual on LinkedIn. Use this as an opportunity to give a ‘voice’ to your company page which reflects the persona of your branding and engages the audience you are targeting.

Essentially, utilising the company page in LinkedIn in conjunction with your employees and adding great updates and content can improve the organic rankings of your website, this is continuously and especially useful when all other things are equal, especially with your competitors.