[accordion_group] [toggle title=”Who is Search Engine Academy? “]Search Engine Academy was formed in 2001 by John Alexander and Robin Nobles for the purpose of teaching hands-on, “on location”, search engine marketing workshops.  With over 20 global locations, you will find SEO training centres throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, Central Europe and Asia.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What do you teach in the workshops?”]Click here to see our full hands-on workshop agenda[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do participants receive a printed manual or other materials?”]Each morning you will be given that day’s screenshots. It is a requirement that you agree to keep this material for your own use or for working on your client’s websites, and you also must agree not to pass our material on to any third party, to sell our material or post or republish it anywhere.[/toggle] [toggle title=”When and where is your next workshop going to be held?”]We offer the workshops in all Australian capital cities and some regional areas (Qld, NSW, Vic). If you are in a location that is not listed on our Upcoming SEO Workshops, please email us with your interest. Once we have a minimum level of enquiries from your area, a workshop will be scheduled as soon as practical.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you offer group discounts?”]All workshops have limited enrolment. Therefore we are unable to offer ‘group booking’ discounts.

We do provide in-house training, so please contact us if this is an option for your situation.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do I need prior SEO knowledge to attend a workshop?”]The 2 day Essentials Workshop is suited to participants with limited or no SEO knowledge. If you don’t know the basics in search engine marketing strategies, this is the workshop for you.

Pre-requisites for taking the Esseantials Workshop: In order to get the most benefit from the Essentials Workshop, you’ll need a basic understanding of how to create a very simple web page.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is your refund policy?”]Our enrolment is very limited, and because our expenses must be met no matter how many students we have, we don’t offer refunds for cancellations. However, you may be able to transfer your registration to another person. Please contact Search Engine Academy to discuss this option.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Who can attend your workshops?”]Our search engine optimisation and marketing workshops are ideal for:

  • Business owners who want their website to work as a business tool, generating sales or leads, achieving the desired goals of their website
  • Marketing professionals who yearn to achieve top relevant exposure in search engines and attract the right visitor
  • Web developers who want a step-by-step system that will put them on the right track of search engine optimisation
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Does the workshop fee cover hotel and travel expenses?”]The workshop fees cover the cost of the workshop only. You’re responsible for your hotel expenses, meals, airline tickets and any other expenses you may incur.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I don’t have a laptop, can I still come to your workshop?”]Certainly. We strongly encourage all participants to bring a laptop that can connect wirelessly to the Internet, but if you don’t have one or would prefer not to bring one, that’s fine. You may be able to rent a laptop from the hotel, or you can rent a laptop from your location and bring it with you.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What do past participants say about your workshops?”]Please visit our Testimonials page.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’m very advanced in search engine marketing strategies. How will this workshop benefit me?”]Our 3-day Advanced Workshop is just what you need, because it’s geared toward the advanced search engine marketer as well as professional SEO’s. Plus, everyone in the room is an advanced SEO, so you’ll be with a group of people who are at the same experience level as you, and you can share strategies and ideas.

Even if you’ve worked in the industry for several years or have taken training courses, the quantity and quality of information you’ll learn by attending the workshop and using the resources provided will benefit you tremendously with your online business.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’m new to search engine marketing strategies. How will this workshop benefit me?”]Our 2-day Beginners Workshop will teach you the basics of search engine marketing, so that you’ll be ready to optimize your Web site as soon as you get back home! Plus, everyone in the room is a beginner, so you’ll be with a group of people who are at the same experience level as you. Before arriving at the workshop, we’ll make sure you’re ready by providing tutorials on how to create a very simple, basic Web page. Then, when you get to the workshop, you’ll be ready to take your knowledge to the next level.

By attending the hands-on, on-location workshop, you’ll have your questions answered immediately, and you’ll be completing assignments designed to teach you search engine strategies and strengthen your current knowledge.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’ve attended your workshop in the past. Would it benefit me to attend again? Is there a discount for past participants?”]Attending the workshops on a yearly basis will enable you to keep up with the latest strategies in the search engine industry. Since the search engine industry is constantly changing and evolving, attending on a yearly basis is an excellent idea.

If you’ve taken our Beginners Workshop in the past, or a beginning course at the OnlineWebTraining.com Web site, our Advanced Workshop is just what you need to further your education.

Plus, we’re always changing up our agenda, adding new sessions, changing sessions, deleting sessions, etc., so the content won’t be the same from workshop to workshop. Past participants are encouraged to attend, and we’re pleased to offer you a 50% discount off the price if you attend another workshop in the current or following year. (We love to see our “old friends” again at our workshops!)[/toggle] [toggle title=”My company is interested in sponsoring a portion of your workshops. Is that possible, and if so, what is the cost?
“]If you’re interested in working with us as a sponsor, and possibly providing a meal for the participants, a cocktail party, or discounts off your products or services, please contact Sue.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I live in another country, and I’m interested in helping you put on a workshop in my location. Is that possible?”]Absolutely. We’ve had many students travel from neighbouring countries.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I’m thinking of starting my own workshops or seminars. Can I use your material to get me started?”]Hmmmmmmm. In a word, NO. In fact, we ask all participants to sign a non-disclosure agreement that you will not teach or publish any details of the workshop. We’ve spent countless hours putting together the content for this workshop, and it’s constantly being updated and evolving as the industry itself evolves. Our attorney wouldn’t want to see any of our content being used in any way other than to personally help you as you work on your own and client websites. However, for more information about joining our network of licensed associate educators, please visit Search Engine Academy for details.[/toggle] [toggle title=”I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?”]Send an email to info@searchengineacademy.com.au with your query or phone us on +617 3170 3280.[/toggle] [/accordion_group]